Certified Copy

When the year 2011 began, I listed my yearly resolutions, one of which was writing more journal entries and cultural reviews as opposed to only poems and little quotes here and there.

Guess what? I’m about to start my project with a brief take on Kiarostmi's most recent film, "Certified Copy."

I stepped into the theatre, ignoring the movie critiques I had read and with no expectation whatsoever, and came out with a big smile on my face. The long shots; the beautiful script, switching dialogues between French, English and Italian; the brilliant performances by Juliette Binoche (no surprise!) and William Shimell; made it an altogether enjoyable viewing experience.

Unlike most people, I tend not to compare a movie to the director's previous projects. Even then, I would still give this a high rating amongst Kiarostami's other films.

... so yes, it was totally my cuppa.


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