TIFF 2010 | L'homme qui voulait vivre sa vie (The Big Picture)‏

What could be better to start off the festival with than a beautiful French film - L'homme qui voulait vivre sa vie - that was not only screened for an actual audience for the very first time, but a piece that blew my mind away with everything a movie possibly could: the story (a European-style thriller), the direction, the breathtaking scenery, and last but not least the amazing acting by Romain Duris, who happened to be present at the screening along with the director, Éric Lartigau.

Yes, the whole gang were there at the theatre last night for both the introduction part and the post-screening Q&A session. Mr. Lartigau was extremely excited to have his "fucking great movie" (his words, not mine!) shown at the TIFF.

The movie starts with a baby crying and Beck's brilliant music in the background. It's an intense thriller which flawlessly potraits an exceptional photographer on the run. No more spoilers in case anyone is still waiting to see it!

Definitely happy with my choice to start the festival.


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