TIFF 2010 | La Solitudine Dei Numeri Primi (The Solitude Of Prime Numbers)

Okay, here I go again - it's been a few days since the TIFF ended and I'm still not done with my reviews. But it would be a total crime not to write about this well-made movie by Mr. Constanzo, after admiring it for two whole hours.

"The Solitude Of Prime Numbers", perhaps, can be marked as one of my most favorite movies this year, not to mention at previous TIFFs. Two troubled youngsters with two completely different (or actually, not so much?) compelling back stories, living in parallel and interacting at different stages of their lives. As they grow older, they discover that their complex childhood stories resulted in their solitude today.

I was totally amazed by this fascinating yet intense story and the well-acted cast, and found myself coming out of the darkness with full sense of satisfaction.


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