TIFF 2010 | Glückliche Fügung (Blessed Events)

On the second night of my TIFF adventures, I switched from French to German cinema. Unfortunately, I'm not too familiar (as much as I'd like to) with the German style of movie-making. Based on the very few I've seen, however, they seem to follow the same pattern: minimal and pure, with a bit of uncertainty and twist.

"Blessed Events" is another one of them. It has a simple storyline based on a short story with the same name, about an insecure and shy lady in her 30s who faces a new life with a man from whom she got pregnant after a one-night stand. The movie is slow (well, especially compared to the previous two on my TIFF list), yet an interesting one. I also had the privilege to be part of the world premiere screening with the director and the lead actress who performed a great job presenting the movie there. They both seemed really proud of the end product, which took them approximately four years to finish.

Would I consider it one of my all-time favorite movies? No. Was it different and worth watching? Hell, yes.


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