A Piece of the Moon – Act 1

It's almost three in the morning. After a long drive and almost getting lost, she finally parked her car in an empty, desolate lot – dangerous, true, but she had no other choice. She was too numb to feel the apathy in her whole body, the same body that was comfortably tucked in her favorite pair of Levi's jeans and an extra-large t-shirt with a faded image of a revolver on front, covering her abused soul. That shirt was a nostalgic reminder of the summer warmth in the city she used to adore – and still did.

The city of London.

While a thousand thoughts of lost memories were racing in her mind, she realized she left her jacket on the bar counter beside the lilies and the empty cognac bottle. She wasn't really bothered with it as much she was for her pack of Marlboro lights in the back pocket, nor did she mind lighting one stick up to calm the high–strung feeling in her stomach and all the pain inside.

Despite severe fatigue, she couldn't close her eyes even for a second, so she decided to stay there in stillness and slowly insinuated silence inside, just before the rays of the daylight started to salute the city beneath the spotless sky. The single thing accompanying her for the entire night was Eddie's voice, echoing in her ears, taking her back to the Jeremy days.

After a big stretch, her gaze turned and pinned to an old building across the street and to the only room with its lights on. She suddenly realized that the room's light had been on for the entire night but somehow she managed to steal glimpses of it.

To be continued...