Jazz It Up

My music taste was never made for, and my mind never pursued, jazz. This was until last week, when I finally decided to hit Ville Marie to attend the annual jazz festivities for the very first time. It was a four-night road trip accompanied by a group of some jazz lovers and some, well, not so much.

Summary: listening nonstop to Scarlett and Pete to the point that their CD became the soundtrack of my and my car-mates' trip; walking for hours stage-to-stage and on the cobblestones of the old city; live jazz and street music, hot dogs with yellow mustard; birthday cakes and candles; meeting new faces and catching up with old ones; vin rouge et fromages; smoking under the rain drops; watching the World Cup quarter finals; hugging and slapping high fives with strangers; cheering with a passion or getting upset over the unfairness.

Highlights: the two side-by-side rainbows appeared on the clearest sky en route to Montreal and the brilliant live performance by Caravan Palace fresh from Paris on the third night.

Learning Point: people are so different to others and to their own face; they all hold their own traits and inspire you one way or another; some less, some more.

Conclusion: yours truly still is and will be always a *rock* chick!

C'est tout.


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