Drama, Desire, Dream, Et Cetera...

Culture called out loud to me this past weekend...

Drama & Desire. Yes. I hit the AGO again and this time, with the sole mission of visiting "Drama & Desire: Artists and the Theatre", an exhibition that had been part of my agenda for the last few weeks. As in any other warm mid-July day, the hours flowed by and instead of just me and my sister -- a recent AGO member (wink) -- going to see the new exhibit, we decided to guide our loved ones who were new to the gallery and to show them the new Gehry extension as well as the permanent collections. So, really, in the end, we had only thirty short minutes to see what we initially went there for, and it was hardly enough. It was truly unlike any other show for me, featuring artwork by some of the world’s greatest – my love, Degas - inspired by the theatre in England and France in the 19th century. We also missed the live performers on stage, which is apparently part of this whole show. Long story short, Drama & Desire remains open on my agenda -- to be continued!

Inception. The beautiful artworks mentioned above was followed by the "Inception", the latest movie by the great Mr. Nolan and starring Mr. D. and lovely Marion. Dreaming in a dream when another dream is also a dream in your old dream when the dream was not even a dream. Yes, it’s as confusing as it sounds and makes your mind explode to the point that after an hour, you still have no clue what is (was?) going on. A thought-provoking movie that warrants lots of debate and discussion post-viewing. I liked it. A lot.

I Am Love. Clearly this weekend, I decided to get inspired by theatres and distract myself from the unnecessary. So after only a few hours of sleep and more raw fish in the form of sushi, I found myself in the darkness of a cold room (again!), watching the lovely Italian movie "Io sono l'amore" starring the stunning Tilda Swinton, the epitome of cool acting and style. The storyline wasn't anything new. "Partir" could easily be the French version of this not-an-everyday love story, which tries to stress the power of love to its audience.

All these activities were accompanied by sleep deprivation, and all the rest.



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