What is she smiling at today, I’m wondering. Is the nature harmonized in her favor or is it just a mimic of something?

The huge-eyed girl wearing a black blazer and a dark burgundy tie, which is meant to be part of her uniform, looks ecstatic. While holding a heart-shaped tulip in her left hand and a wingless bird in her right, she magnifies all her surroundings. Her eye color amazingly changes minute after minute and she has yet to discover it. Is it her house behind her or is she just waiting for someone to wave her from the crooked windows? The sun is turning its color to white and the leaves on the bent stem are changing their shape accordingly. The only star in the sky is shining at the cross on top of what the girl has always known as an old cathedral. I look at the girl and she looks back at me in the same direction as the jaded clown resting beside her.

The nameless girl is nothing more than a framed painting on the brownish backdrop. Oddly she wasn’t smiling in the days that are considered as past.