Act I

I have "Dreams" on my earbuds; on repeat non-stop: "thunder only happens when it's raining... players only love you when they're playing..."

True or false? True and false.

Hold on a second; aren't we all somehow players one way or the other? Players of our own life journey or perhaps a fake version of it. If we think about it with a clear mind, we realize we sometimes play it in the proper manner, but often take the deceptive path.

Right? Hmmm, right!

I have a secret, though, which I find favorable most times. When I'm trapped in the wrong path, I quickly retreat, somehow erase myself from the whole scene, and instead try to watch – or better say, observe - the whole act(s) of my self-play from an outside perspective. I have a tendency to sit in the second row or watch myself from the balcony.

Do I make sense at all or should I continue with my "Dreams"? Oh, for heaven's sake, I'm so out of tune that it's not even funny!