My twenties...

The years of adventures, immigrations, and corruptions;
The years of falling in and out of love;
The years of insomnia and of the crying nights;
The years of heartbreaks and of boiling inside;

The years of reading Sylvia - the greatest - Plath;
and constantly relating
to her magnificent poems
and despaired life.

To her "Mirror", where she is silver and exact;
Her "Candles", "how shall I tell anything at all";
The "Morning Song" in which "our voices echo, magnifying your arrival";
And last but not least, her Bell Jar,
where she talks of Esther
and her life.

On June twenty third of the year two thousand and ten, I am going to present my favorite author and poet, the one and only Sylvia Plath, to the lady who helps me immensely in putting down my thoughts and to those, who are in the same boat as mine.