Here is sunny Toronto (pronounced /təˈrɒntoʊ/)...

I'm clicking on these little white keys and fancying the sound they are making... while the other half of my brain is on strike and struggles hard to get away from the virtual world and take a journey to... hmmm...

I am lying down, yawning non-stop, and craving a quick blissful nap on the wet but fresh grass, which was just trimmed less than an hour ago... hypnotized by the iron lattice tower, with a bottle of Vin de Bordeaux on the other side of my body... and the poor girl is all puzzled and tries desperately to find me among hundreds of napping souls.

In the parallel world, I am sitting with my usual venti cup in a corner park, full of wobbling creatures, and where I've never been to but will discover soon... sitting on the other side is a fully pregnant lady in orange stripes, who's deciding whether to name her newborn Sophie... or just Sun.

... and I'd like to know how to return back to my own box.