Lost In Thought

I passed the park
and saw a guy,
left alone
on the edge of a dead tree
with a to-go cup
and the orange end of his pot,
hiding under le parapluie.
oh, it’s
pouring down from above;
the cruelest clouds
tangoing in
the grayest sky.

A few days were left behind...

I passed the same old park,
the soaked up guy
wasn’t there to nod to me, hi
I saw this time
a guy who
was killing time;
left alone under the
yellow sun.
his abused child was only five;
he looked calm
with a fragile heart.

I passed the park
nodded to him, bye
left the roughness of the present
all behind...

... and suddenly I felt dodgy inside
and left alone,
all alone
lost in thoughts.