Gâteau d'Anniversaire

The month of May with all its natural beauty... the month of birthdays of loved ones close and far... the last few days were spent around many cakes in different shapes... or over the phone to wish them all that they wish for.

The lady, who's beyond love and has been my idol for all my life... the one who, beside the genes, made me who I am today... a great friend, who defines coolness and whose blue *Lego* cake made us all nostalgic in the tapas bar... another lovely friend, whom I met a few years back at another birthday bash of hers, when she blew a candle on a half-watermelon cake and made me admire her uniqueness... and the little birthday boy for whom I was present when he opened his pure eyes to this not-so-pure world in room number seven.

They might come with many insights, but they are all Taurus with a sensible outlook on life... they might come from different times, but they all closed their eyes, made a wish, and blew a candle for many more happy returns!