... And today I met her again... not a face-to-face kind of interaction, but from a distance just like the previous times... she was tucked in the same beige raincoat, holding a bag in one hand and her white stick in the other one... she, in all her glory, left me in vague wonders and entire appreciation.

It’s surprising how the universe sends us signs when we feel blue in our guts... the saddening yet inspiring signs of people who were once merrier than today... or perhaps not as much as their future... how sickening it is to grieve about the silliest things while this lady and many more like her lost their ability or were never able to observe the beauty of the spring colours... the breeze of the blue sky with its shapeless clouds... the people rushing in and out with often frowning faces... not that they miss seeing the lady, who is all dressed up to perfection yet accompanied with an attitude as numb as a faceless mannequin on a random display... nor does the corrupted teenage girl in an all-ripped John and Yoko tee shouting out loud and with no self-respect whatsoever.

She might not see what we all see, but what she sense is more precious indeed... she feels the beauty of her surroundings, I can tell... she feels the greenness of the only leaf on that maple tree, which once was a nest for many wings... she feels the aroma coming out of the café at her train stop, feels the kindness of the guy who sells her everyday cup, while defining the beauty of life in her own heart.

She continues her walk, heading blindly to the brightest highway... the highway of hope and desire.