The Underground Stories | Take Two

Okay, I know this is going to sound a bit freaky... I got hit on the temple by (or better say my head got caught in between) the train's sliding doors... the driver decided to open and close the doors in less than three seconds and didn't realize that some poor passenger would find herself on the floor, having been hit on the side of her head, one leg stuck inside and the rest of her body outside on the platform, in total panic and surrounded by people looking at her in shock, asking her if she was fine!

Life goes on, just like the train which continued its ride and left me wondering in surprise... the good thing is that I'm alive and my headache is gone... looking on the bright side, I now appreciate life even more than before and keep repeating to myself that *life is too short*.

Oh, and NO... unlike what my close circle told me I should have done, I didn't sue the Toronto Transit Commission!