The beauty of *Stealing Beauty*

Almost fifteen years passed until I watched it again... "Stealing Beauty", one of my all-time favorite movies from my years of youth... I rarely go back to past, but this specific movie, with all its lovely scenery, the songs and the poetry was always carved in my mind... I clearly remember the lines... "I wait I wait so patiently... I'm as quiet as a cup... I hope you'll come and rattle me quick... Come wake me up..."

And yesterday, the beauty of "Stealing Beauty" took me back on a journey long ago, when falling in love was as big as a gaze from the corner of the room... the kind that made us dream during the day and sleepless in the midst of night... and finally inviting all the butterflies in the universe to our spotless heart...

It was truly a brilliant way to start spring... Oh yes, indeed!