Bonjour, à la plus belle âme...


Today, I finally found the strength to put the words into writing... Even though I'm still clueless about the how-to part, I start to write for you and only you.

I met you once, but that one time was enough to fall for your magical smile and your beautiful heart... That night made me realize that there are *still* good people, who exist in this less-than-perfect world.

The whole of last week I felt numb... I asked myself and the one who hears my broken heart a million times: Why you? Why so soon? You, who even with your flight taught me and those surrounding you a life lesson: That this life is too bloody short.

My darling friend, you *are* a piece of sunshine and I'm using the present tense, as you are so alive in my heart, forever long... Today, I mark your memorial from afar... I can't be there but my spirit will be with you... Today, I'm going to light a candle for you and cherish your smile and your being... I will treasure all your letters, your short and sweet messages and my one and only picture with you.

I refuse to say "rest in peace", as I'm certain you are in peace... I refuse to say goodbye; this is only a big salut to one of the most beautiful souls of all time.

Much love,