The Roller Coaster

I’m not even sure where to start. I wouldn’t call it laziness, more than I would consider it a blank mind. A writer's block, if you will. The constant nagging voice of putting my thoughts into words has not left me alone for the last couple of months. It was more to rescue me from going mental.

The month of November. Bloody hell. Craziness in its strangest, yet its most precious, form. A nonstop roller coaster that I was riding at full speed for the entire thirty days. Events which changed my life, its style and my perspective on it for a while or maybe from here on out. Surprises from job-related decisions (not mine) to a visit from afar. From a wedding – not mine (again!), but one in which I played a special role – to singing out loud with Dolores O'Riordan just the night before. A short trip, yet a *magical* one, to beloved London town. A shorter train trip to the stunning city of Paris. All surrounded by special people and their life-enhancing attitudes towards the world and its belongings. What a treasure!

The month of December. More than halfway through. Already?!! The roller coaster is still going, not with the same pace and not as bizarrely as the previous month, but the longest one from the poor mind to the poorer heart. The ride will continue, as it’s already planned and without me (or anyone) having a clue.

As scary as that may sound, it’s going to be an exciting one.

Catch you all soon!