48 Hours of *Bono-ism*

A review from two weeks ago… Better late than never!

To me, the concept of "celebrity" applies to rock stars. I always think of them as sexy and confidence as no-one else can be on stage in front of thousands of admirers. Some, though, are way beyond that -- it really is their charisma that blows my mind away. Mr. Paul David Hewson (a.k.a. Bono) is one of them!

Almost two weeks ago, I had a privilege to see my all-time favorite band, the one and only U2, two nights in a row on their 360° tour at Toronto's Rogers Centre. Some might call it pure craziness or obsession. I call it die-hard 'fandom'!!!

After a great opening performance by Snow Patrol, who can easily fill a venue themselves, Bono and his mates appeared on a truly stunning stage set, kicking off with a few new tracks from "No Line on The Horizon" before belting out old songs such as "Beautiful Day", "Vertigo", and "Sunday Bloody Sunday". The latter was fully dedicated to the green movement in Iran and its people who are fighting for their freedom. The green light show and the images scrolling on the 360° screen made me tear up and feel incredibly grateful to be part of such an experience. To be honest, I find it hard to put those two nights into writing on this blog. All I can share here is that their performance hypnotized me and all their fans. As a reviewer noted in one of the newspapers the following day, it was a presentation that unfolded like "watching a music video happen right in front of you."

As many of you know, I’ve been to many concerts in my all my years, but the live performance by the Irish legends was indeed *magnificent* and not in the same league as the ones I’ve seen before. They truly have it all with pride!


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