TIFF '09 | My Tehran For Sale

It’s been almost 10 days since the TIFF has been over and lazy me is still writing up reviews. One could even say that perhaps I’ve seen too many movies when it comes to updating my blog!

"My Tehran for Sale" was the last Iranian film I watched at the festival and I truly loved it. For the first time, someone had genuinely showed the contradiction in our society with no pretence or falsity whatsoever, and demonstrated the million differences between what people see from afar and what actually happens in the real lives of the below-thirty generation of youth, comprising almost 70% of the total population. This was the first work of the poet (now director) Granaz Moussavi, who herself was present at the screening and was complimented with several positive comments from the audience in the Q&A session. The cast members did a great job in their respective parts as well.

... and just so you know, I ended the festival by watching "Irène" *again* (as I promised here), which unlike many others (!), I considered a "love-at-first-sight" feature film/documentary.

C’est tout...


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