TIFF '09 | Chloe

"Chloe", by the famous Canadian director Atom Egoyan, was the second movie on my list at the TIFF this year. In fact, it was the gala night as well as the world premiere, so I had the privilege to see (though not meet) my favorite redhead, actress Julianne Moore, who sported a beautiful emerald-colored dress on the red carpet. Among the cast and crew were also Mr. Egoyan who made a brief introduction to the film and Amanda Seyfried, who plays the character of Chloe. Too bad Liam Neeson couldn’t make it!

The movie showcases many feelings which can indeed happen in anyone’s life. Suspicion and desire; jealousy and seduction; cheating and love. Reminded me somewhat of another movie in a similar genre, "Fatal Attraction", which I watched in my teenage years.

"Chloe" was shot in the beautiful city of Toronto (aha!), showing famous landmarks, streets, hotels and cafés. At times I found it distracting to watch a movie in the city you know like the back of your hand.

I wouldn’t necessarily call "Chloe" 'festival material', but a great Hollywood suspense-drama.


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