A Nagging Session...

I just logged in to nag... so I ask you to bear with me... please?!!

My shoulder is a total mess right now... the pain woke me up just before dawn around 4am and didn’t let me fall asleep anymore... waking up in the below-zero degrees doesn’t really help the situation either... so I’m here now, on medication and thinking yoga is supposed to do good to your body and not leave you like a walking zombie, falling off your office chair!

I ask people frequently what, who and where makes them happy at a particular moment in time... almost without fail, they come up with clichés which bore me to death and make me wonder if they know anything else beside, oh you know, sand and sun, pockets full of $$$ and good friends... But hey, I guess that’s none of my business...

Bubbles - both in a glass and in my bathtub - plus a good rhythm in my ears would make me the happiest right now!


P.S. Spring, where the hell are you? please come and save me from this moment!