The Genius Mr. Boyle...

OK... This is official... Danny Boyle is a total genius!

Once again he proved that, no matter how many top-notch movies you’ve seen in the past few months, his work can go right above all... I remember when I saw "The Beach", I fell not only for Leo (!), but also for the way the movie was made... breathtaking scenery, inspirational dialogues, parallel universes, unique editing, and most of all, gorgeous music chosen especially for each specific scene... what a treat!

Last week when I opened my eyes to "Slumdog Millionaire", I realized that this guy is not only a genius, but his uniqueness deserved all the awards he's already received and will continue to receive this year. I had goosebumps all over and immediately felt the urge to go buy the soundtrack... O, Saya!

The film is a must-see in my book... and in my opinion deserves to become one of the best movies in the history of British cinema!


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