Février... Philly... Two Lovers...

Wow, the days are by far longer now than they were only a short while ago... It feels happy when you leave your office and you still can see the sun shining... May I only add, though, that it’s bloody freezing... The cold really burns through your skin right to your bones... I'm not particularly a fan of people who nag 24/7 about the weather... This year, however, I can feel the winter is dragging on more than it should... But, then again, there is always stuff to keep you busy and ultimately warm, right?

I took a short trip to Philadelphia a week ago... Philly always makes me merry... I like older cities, with Philly being one of them in the continent I live in... Beside visiting the loved ones, this trip was more of an adventure to me... Walking in the city for hours, checking out the most recent exhibitions at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (oh, the Yamamoto and the Matisse exhibitions made my heart shine like never before), trying out different foods in various parts of the city, trying La Colombe coffee and falling in love with its aroma and taste... And of course Parc, a beautiful French café which according to the locals is Philly's answer to NYC's Balthazar... Oh, and this being me, let's not forget shopping... The one and only Anthropology, which I dearly hope will open a store in Toronto soon.

In the past few weeks I also watched a lot of movies... From chick flicks like "He's Just Not That Into You", to more indie films like "Two Lovers"... Ah, sweet love in hip Brooklyn... I reckon I haven’t done too poorly when it comes to movies in 2008, heh... The whole experience ended last Sunday when the stars hit the red carpet at the Oscars... This year the show was pretty well executed and the fact that most of my faves won the golden status (yes, I’m talking Kate and Sean, woohoo!) made the whole night even better than expected...

And now, February is almost done... And as much as the weather is cold, there is nothing for me to complain about... It’s been a culture-fest so far this month!


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