TORI the SASSY one!

When I started this, I thought, darn it, the show was so great that it's unbloggable!!! But hey, I'm going to try...

Just before I headed to the show, I was talking to a colleague of mine when he saw me excitedly wrapping up at work... "Where are you going?" "To the Tori Amos gig!" "WOW, that's great... I used to listen to her a long time ago... Don't you know she has orgasms on her shows?" "Really?!" "Yes, she said that in a few of her interviews!!!"... And I was thinking... How cool is that?!

It was my fifth time seeing her live... what a groupie!!! The show started with the coolest opening act she could have had!!! And that was Yoav; a young and talented Cape Town-born artist... And then she came on the stage as Pip this time, wearing a very cool emerald green color dress with the blackest hair ever... If you know the history behind her new album, "American Doll Posse", you will know that she appears as different characters in each of her show... So, she was Pip in Toronto and she bloody well rocked! Like always, she amazed (jaw-dropped, in fact) the whole crowd in a full-house Sony Centre with her hardcore music... and then there she was, changing her outfit to become Tori herself, along with her piano and hundreds of people who were dreaming to BE her in their real lives! The show continued with her new songs... and then an unplugged part with no band and only with her and her piano, with lyrics that make you ponder and blow your mind away, with a voice that comes from another universe... She sang the song that I'd completely forgotten about... it goes back to the days I was listening to her in Covent Garden, trying to smoke tobacco without coughing! She's addicted to nicotine patches... She's addicted to nicotine patches... She's afraid of the light in the dark... 6:58 are you sure where my spark is... Here... Here... Here...

She talked to the crowd, she flirted with them, sang for them... played her piano for them and just made them fall in love with her music once again... And I would say that over and over again... I can't thank my sister enough for introducing me to her music more than a decade ago... I remember the first time you told me; "Hey, I've got a ticket for you to see my favorite singer at the Royal Albert Hall in London..." And ever since then, I've been like you... her fanatical fan... you were truly missed!

There are loads of articles already out about her show last night... This was only mine, about how I'm wondering that if there was ever a goddess on earth, it would be Tori.


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