Québec City, TIFF '07, ...

I'm back at work after a very long and relaxing weekend...

Headed to lovely Québec City for a couple of days... It was a great escape from the busy Torontonian lifestyle... Very relaxing getaway with great company... A lot of walking, wining, and dining was involved... Will post some photos soon!

Now I'm getting all ready and excited for the TIFF '07, which is just around the corner... This year I'm going to start with the opening gala of "Persepolis" on Thursday and I'm hoping that Marjane attends the gala herself... The new Woody Allen film and Hana Makhmalbaf's are also on the top of my list... I'm not going to blog the TIFF like last year, but will keep you posted on the ones I'll watch and any exciting happenings.

Let the show begin!


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