San Francisco - Travelogue #2 or NOT

I'm being such a lazy ARSE... Haven't been blogging for such a long time and getting all sort of complaints from here and there... I guess at the end of the day my blog is there for me to write whenever I feel like it... So no more justification for my actions! ;)

San Francisco... Well, well, well... To write or not to write... I reckon I will ruin the whole thing by writing... All I can say is that it was such a lovely trip... A lot of sightseeing, dining out and cultural stuff... Full of memories and surprises! :)

Let me make this short and simple by closing the San Francisco travelogue here... It is just that, now it has been said and done, I would prefer not to share my trip and the memories... Hope it doesn't bother you... All I can say to the ones who haven't been to 'Frisco, it truly worth a visit and maybe more!

I'll be back sooner than later... Stay tuned and be merry...

Much love,