And the Oscar goes to:

The moment I saw the three giants of cinema direction on stage, I and everyone else knew that this year the Oscar was going to Martin Scorsese. It was certainly about time, if not long overdue, and it was one of my only right predictions this year!!! So the best picture of 2006 was “The Departed”, which I still haven’t seen! It’s funny how all the films starring Leo win big at the Academy Awards… He’s got the right charisma and acting chops I guess…

The Oscar party at Sam and Talayeh’s was fun… Not to mention that I lost not only among friends, but in the “Oscar Prediction Contest” – a family tradition going back several years – to Judge Saber (i.e. mon papa) and my movie buff sis… In my defense, that’s all because I haven’t been to any movie theatre since the TIFF 2006 and somehow stuck with those few foreign films this year… Seems I have some major catching up to do!

Marj, who won the contest last night, was over the moon… How on earth she knew who would win the best short film documentary or sound editing is beyond me!


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