Katayone + Seven = KA7

Now, let's get a bit fashion-y in here!

Back in old days, when I was still living in London City, I remember how much I was in love with her designs... I used to run to Harvey Nichols around the corner of where I used to work, only to admire her clothes; well, more specifically her trousers which were her trademark... I remember how much I used to admire Gwyneth Paltrow's style in those days and even she was crazy about Katayone's dress pants; an added bonus... The fact that Katayone Adeli is Iranian (well, by way of LA, but still!) made me even more proud!

Thanks to my sis who ALWAYS keeps me updated on the fashion world, I read this article "KA7: The Return of Katayone Adeli" about her new venture and how she co-designs with 7 For All Mankind jeans (my all time favorites)... How KOOL is that?! A combination of Katayone and 7... What a pair!

KA7 is what they call it... the new item on my "must-have" list!