TIFF 2006 - #1 | Celebs...

Everybody in the city is getting ready for the TIFF 2006… Some great movies are going on screen and apparently some kick-ass celebrities are hitting the red carpet next month… Amongst them are:

1- Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – Babel
2- Tom Hanks –
Starter for Ten
3- Penelope Cruz –
4- Jennifer Lopez –
El Cantante
5- Jude Law –
All The King’s Men
6- Dustin Hoffman –
Stranger Than Fiction
7- Sean Penn –
All The King’s Men
8- Russell Crowe –
A Good Year
9- Emma Thompson –
Stranger Than Fiction
10- Charlotte Gainsbourg –
The Golden Door

There will be some major name-dropping among the Yorkville crowd, I can tell! Choose three of the ones you don’t mind seeing in person… Mine would be number 7, 9 and 10…

More to come on TIFF 2006… Stay tuned…