Conversation #11

(Even the conversations are about the WORLD CUP!!!)

- He's not yours, he's Veronique's ;-) He's SUCH a gentleman… A bunch of my friends thought France cheated and that the player just went for a dive to get the penalty shot... but I thought it was OK!
- C'mon, tell your friends not to make DRAMAS... It was 100% PENALTY...
- Moi, je suis absolument d'accord. Penal cent pourcent :-) By the way, you're so "hezb-e baad" it's unbelievable. Better make up your mind for the final.
- Who are you supporting in the final? Les Blues ou Azzurri?
- Dunno yet. Tricky one. Probably France… but I don't think I'd be *too* disappointed if Italy won either.
- Hehe… I love this conversation... I'll put it on my blog ;-) love you!
- Ditto, cherie.