Tennis vs. Fashion

I was reading the most recent issue of the MacLean’s earlier and came across with an interesting article on female tennis players and how they are generating serious heat off the court! Few years back in Wimbledon, I clearly remember passing by the court in where Venus and Anna were competing and all you could hear was the noise of the guys whistling and screaming, WE LOVE YOU ANNA. These days you see them everywhere; on magazine’s cover, billboards and TV, advertising for the most high-end and fashionable brands!

MacLean’s says: "While other professional women's sports are struggling to cultivate financial support and a reasonable fan base, tennis’s marquee players are parlaying their ever-growing popularity into crossover careers in acting, modeling and fusion."

A good article. It’s actually following by one on Kurt Cobain. How exciting is that? Grab a copy on your way home!

Better get ready for my Volleyball game …