Sixth Sense

The weekend was not bad. It was not good either. Some good moments and some bad ones. The Thousand Islands was just normal. The cruise was normal. The food was less than normal. Nothing special. Nothing really exciting. Maybe I was not in my best mood. Maybe I was only out there to occupy my mind. Nothing really attracted me that day. The Sunday brunch at bonjour Brioche was definitely more exciting. Their croissant is indeed the best in the town.

I was worried since last week. For no specific reason. Now I know why ... I got the news on Saturday. But things will be great soon. Sooner than later. I believe in my sixth sense. I also believe not to trust the ones who are calling themselves "Friends" but are only bullshitting. Where are they when you need them? Where are they at the time of despair? Do they care? NO. Why should I then? I don't. Not anymore :-)

The weather is dreadful. I am melting. Even the AC is not helping.

LaterZ ...